Yes.  I used to own the .com domain but I let it expire a little while ago because my schedule did not allow me to create new content.  Someone purchased it to resell it to me for a profit and since their price was too high I simply went with the .net domain.

This is a side project for me and while I try to post as much as I can (and lately I have not posted at all) life and other projects sometimes get in the way. I am trying to build a small lead with my content so that I can release on a more constant schedule (even if my schedule becomes too busy). Rest assured, new content is coming soon.  Topic suggestions give me ideas for articles and videos,and they are always welcomed!

I personally believe that Macs are overpriced for what you get.  This is only my opinion.  If you are going into photography or video, Apple offers a very nice set of software that works really well.  If you think they look nice and are easy to use, kudos to you!  If you want one and can afford it, go for it.  They are not bad computers; I just believe that they are overpriced.  I haveowned a Macbook before and it worked really well, but for my needs, a PC is better, and in my case, a lot more customizable.

I saw someone getting pushed to purchase a top-of-the-line computer at a brick and mortar store and was astounded at what the employee was telling the customer. It became clear that the customer lacked the knowledge to make an informed purchase and it made me realise that the easiest solution was to offer information online for all to see.

Our goal is to get our articles and videos to reach as many users as possible.  To do so, we have decided to simplify our explanations to keep them as accessible and easy to understand as possible and in doing so, sometimes the explanation will not be 100% “accurate”.