Who Am I ?

My name is Alex and I am a regular guy who grew tired of reading misinformation online and realising that some less technologically savvy people are being misled into spending unnecessary money.

I am a college graduate of a Computer Systems Technician program and I have always loved building, designing and creating computers, networks and servers as a hobby.

After witnessing someone being bullied/pressured into buying options that were useless for them for them on a brand new computer in a brick and mortar store I decided to step in and help others.  The Computer Made Simple was born.

My goals are to:

  • Provide simple and easy to understand explanations
  • Get people to be more comfortable with their daily computer use
  • Teach individuals how to perform simple tasks by themselves to allow them to become more autonomous (and therefore to save money).
  • Get more people to understand how computers work
  • Gain a better understanding of how a system works since this makes it a lot easier to fix it yourself