Our Goals Here @ TCMS

To Teach And Educate Regular Users With Less Technological Knowledge


Make smart and informed decisions when it comes to spending your money.


Understand the basic functioning of computers and how to deal with common problems.


Perform tasks yourself and take pride in knowing you succeeded where others fail, learning along the way.


Magicians never reveal their secrets, but together we will demystify this sorcery and explain it all.

Free Tech Seminars for ALS Canada

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My goal is to help you stay connected, stay protected, or get started. With the rapid progression of technological crimes and scams, I want you to be comfortable locating and identifying red flags and stay safe online.

  • How Computers Work
  • How To Send And Receive Emails
  • How To Use Social Media
  • How To Use Smartphones And Tablets
  • How To Stay Safe On The Internet
  • How to Setup And Protect Your WiFi
  • And Many More!


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